When does a tooth need denervation?

Denervation is needed for the tooth, into which germs have penetrated into the nerve (pulp).

When the pulp is infected with germs there are two possible scenarios:

1. Acute incident

The first involves the acute case, where a severe toothache suddenly appears on a tooth, which can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

2. Chronic Inflammation

The second scenario is in case there is chronic inflammation, where the tooth dies without symptoms and pain. In the latter case it is usually perceived after an acute episode of pain which can occur at any time.


In these cases, the treatment includes the removal of the nerve and the vessels of the pulp and the systematic cleaning of the root of the tooth, in order to eliminate the germs that are the causative agent. After thorough cleaning, the root canal is sealed with biological material (root seal).

Denervation in the dental unit Dental -Art


Modern equipment

In our dental unit we provide the most modern equipment to make this procedure both efficient and fast, with the greatest comfort for the patient.


Soon, with sure results

We have special motorized ones that do the denervation in much shorter appointments and with more reliable results, compared to the conventional methods.


Special laser disinfection

We also provide special disinfection of the root canals with laser, which further increases the success rates.

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