Dental-Art dental unit

Dental-Art dental unit is an innovative and friendly choice for your dental needs. Using the latest technology in our equipment, we can and do provide all dental services in order to ensure the professional care of your teeth. From a simple check up and cleaning to the most complex cosmetic restorations, dental implants, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, surgical cases, laser treatments, we can cover all your needs.

The visits take place in a very comfortable and relaxing place, creating a friendly atmosphere for each patient. As professionals, our priority is our patients, and we are always ready and willing to help.


Maintaining high expectations for professional excellence at affordable prices, in a comfortable and friendly environment is our main goal, to which we are fully committed.

We are proud to be able to offer an original dental experience (beyond the ordinary), with professionalism, reliability and comfort, focused on your personal needs and expectations.

As we know how important a smile is for the self-confidence but also the general health of our patients, our goal is not only focusing on your dental needs but also on your oral health, which affects the overall health of the body.


Dental-Art dental unit is one of the most appropriate options in Athens. In addition to general dental services, we also offer specialized treatments without having to travel to different doctors in the city. You can actually plan what you need in our office, easily accessible, located in one of the most central and convenient areas of Athens. It is close to all major road junctions whether you travel by car or public transport.

Flexible Office hours

The long hours of work as well as the busy schedule of daily life, often prevent many people from including their dental care in their schedule. For this reason, our dental unit remains open in the morning and in the afternoon, accomodating all patients by appointment.

Affordable prices and flexibility in payments.

As all your dental needs can be taken care of in our office without the need to refer you to other clinics, the total cost of treatment is reduced. Different payment methods available: in cash, by cards or interest-free instalments.
Why choosing DENTAL ART
All services provided in the dental unit.

Laser technology.


Emphasis is put on sterilization and cleanliness.


Minimal invasive dentistry.


Digital radiological examination with minimum radiation.


Modern ways to minimize pain.


First visit is free of charge.


Free examination and preventive treatment for people with disabilities.


Affordable prices – flexibility in payment methods.

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