What is orthodontics?

Effective treatment of orthodontic problems can significantly improve the overall dental health of patients for life and the aesthetics of their face.

Personalized treatment plan

The goal of each treatment is to create an individualized treatment plan based on the combination of the wishes and expectations of the patient and the knowledge of the orthodontist.

Thus we provide patients with the ideal care throughout the treatment and results that give harmony to the aesthetics and the function of the oral-maxillofacial system, a nice smile, a harmonious faceresulting in the facilitation of proper cleaning of the mouth, proper chewing and ultimately boosting the self-confidence of the person.

After the individual study of each patient, the treatment follows in one of the following ways depending on the age of the individual:

Children 7-9 years old

Dealing with bad habits, premature tooth loss, congestion and skeletal problems with the use of mobile devices.



Treatment of premature tooth loss, crowding, sparse and skeletal problems with the use of fixed devices or transparent braces.



Treatment of congestion and sparse dentistry, treatment of periodontitis in collaboration with a periodontist and pre-treatment for subsequent prosthetic restoration with the use of fixed devices or transparent braces

Treatment for adolescents and adults

The treatment in the category of adolescents and adults can be performed with one of the following techniques or a combination of them:

Metal hooks

Classical technique- MBT technique

Ceramic (white) hooks

Aesthetic hooks, in the color of the teeth – MBT technique

Tongue hooks

They are placed on the palatal-lingual surface of the teeth so that they are invisible

Transparent splints


Self-ligating metal or ceramic hooks

A technique that ensures a reduced duration of treatment

At the end of the treatment the patient should follow a period of maintenance of the result.

Why choosing DENTAL ART
All services provided in the dental unit.

Laser technology.


Emphasis is put on sterilization and cleanliness.


Minimal invasive dentistry.


Digital radiological examination with minimum radiation.


Modern ways to minimize pain.


First visit is free of charge.


Free examination and preventive treatment for people with disabilities.


Affordable prices – flexibility in payment methods.

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