Dental prevention and diagnosis

First visit

– Medical history

During the first visit, the doctor takes acomplete medical history fromthe patient as he discusses with him the reason for the visit, and what bothers him in his mouth or smile. The expectations, aesthetics and functional needs of our patients are always a priority.

– Complete dental examination

After receiving the history, a complete dental examination is performed and, if necessary, an X-ray examination with digital intraoral radiographs.

Convergence and possible temporomandibular problems (noises when opening the mouth, frequent headaches, etc.) are also checked.

– Modern dental equipment

With the modern equipment of the dental office, the patient can see for himself the problems he may have through intraoral photos thatare automatically displayed on the screen next to the dental chair and thedigital x-rays thatare automatically displayed on the computer.

– Treatment analysis

Having the data, the dentist can discuss with the patient the needs, the problems and all the possible solutions and the possible treatment plans, analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of these. The patient having understood all his problems and possible solutions is up to him to decide which is most suitable for him.

Dental prevention and diagnosis

– Dental examination every 6 months

Regular dental checkups every 6 months are very important in maintaining oral health and preventing future problems. By locating a problem at the beginning, the treatment becomes much easier for the dentist and much more comfortable and economical for the patient.

That’s why we always check for problems in the teeth (caries), gums (tartar / gingivitis / periodontitis), soft tissues for sores, ulcers and cancer and the temporomandibular joint.

– Focus on prevention is proper oral hygiene

Also, the focus on the prevention of dental problems is proper oral hygiene. For this reason, all patients are given detailed instructions on how to brush and care for their teeth according to their needs and eating habits.

Having normally a lot of germs in our oral cavity, it is expected that plaque will form on the teeth, which is essentially a layer of germs that is created daily on our teeth. The plaque is easy to remove by brushing.

Many times due to incorrect brushing, saliva quality and due to habits such as cigarette and coffee, stone formation is inevitable. For this reason, frequent preventive examination and cleaning of teeth at the dentist every 6 months is necessary.

The cleaning and polishing (polishing) of the teeth is done immediately with a combination of ultrasound, scraping, use of laser and plastering where necessary.

This way the teeth and gums remain strong and healthy!

Why choosing DENTAL ART
All services provided in the dental unit.

Laser technology.


Emphasis is put on sterilization and cleanliness.


Minimal invasive dentistry.


Digital radiological examination with minimum radiation.


Modern ways to minimize pain.


First visit is free of charge.


Free examination and preventive treatment for people with disabilities.


Affordable prices – flexibility in payment methods.

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